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§  Structural System Identification and Life Prediction

§  Structural Health Monitoring and Management

§  Structural Reliability and Optimization

§  Structural Dynamics, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

§  Repair and Strengthening

§  Sustainable Construction Materials 

§  Forensic Engineering

§  Wave Propagation and Signal Processing

§  Experimental Stress Analysis

§  Structural Control and Smart Structures

§  Structural Behaviour and Design under Extreme Loading - Fire and Explosion

§  Performance Indicators and Benchmarking in Higher Education



1.   Development of Integrated Wave Energy and Oceanic Macro Algae Farming Platform

Funded by British Council (2015-2016)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Main Partner: Dr. O. S. Olanrewaju (University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia)

Other Partners: Technip and Bureau Veritas

2.   Reliability Assement and Whole Life Cycle Management of Energy Pipeline Network Systems (2015-2018)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Researcher: A. H. Wordu (PhD Student)


3.    Reliability-based Assement and Management of Buried Pipes under Different Geo-environmental Conditions (2015-2018)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Researcher: A. Ebenuwa (PhD Student)


4.    Structural Integrity of Sandwich Composite Structures (2014-2017)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Researcher: A. C. Balaban (PhD Student)


5.    Reliability-based Maintenance Management for Energy Pipelines

Funded by the Vice-Chancellor's PhD Scholarship, University of Greenwich and additional support from TWI (2014-2017)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Researcher: K. Pesinis (PhD Student)


6.    Reliability and Optimised Maintenance Strategy of Coastal Flooding Defences Affected by Climate Change

Funded by the University of Greenwich (2014-2017)

PI: Dr. H. P. Chen

CI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Researcher: M. B. Mehrabani (PhD Student)

7.      Damage Detection in Composite Structures Using Piezoelectric Materials

Funded by the University of Sydney, Australia (2013-2014)

Visiting Researcher: Dr. K. F. Tee

Host Researcher: Prof. L. Tong (University of Sydney, Australia) 

8.      Reliability-based Maintenance for Road Infrastructure Asset Management 

Funded by the Niger Delta Development Commission (2013-2016)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Researcher: E. O. Ekpiwhre (PhD Student) 

9.      Photoelasticity and Fracture Toughness of Sandwich Composites

Funded by Erasmus Programme (2012)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

      Visiting Researcher: Ozan Alver (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey)  

10.      Assessing Current State of Buried Sewer Systems and Their Remaining Safe Life

Funded by the EPSRC (EP/I032150/1) (2012-2014)

PI: Prof C. Q. Li (left university in Oct 2011)

New PI: Prof. A. M. Alani

CIs: Dr. K. F. Tee, Prof M. J. Brennan (University of Southampton, UK)

Researcher: Dr. Asaad Faramarzi   

Partners: Atkins, CIRIA, Costain, Southern Water, SEEDA, WRc, Yorkshire Water and Concrete Pipeline Systems Association


11.      Reliability Estimation and Risk-Cost Optimization of Underground Pipelines

      Funded by the University of Greenwich, UK (2010-2014)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Researcher: L. R. Khan (PhD Student) 


12.      Statistical Structural Health Monitoring Using Quantile Regression

Funded by the Institution of Structural Engineers, UK (Undergraduate Research Grant) (2010-2011)

PI: Dr. K. F. Tee

Collaborator: Dr. Y. Cai (University of Plymouth, UK)

Researcher: H. Kureemun


13.  Performance of Cellular Composite Floor Beams under Severe Fire Conditions

Funded by the EPSRC (EP/F001525/1) and additional support from Westok Ltd and Safe Consulting Ltd (2008-2009)

Principal Investigator: Prof. A. Nadjai

Investigators: Dr. K. F. Tee, El-Hadi Ali Naili (PhD student), Dr. F. Ali

Partners: University of Sheffield (UK), Westok Ltd and Safe Consulting Ltd


14.  Multiphysics Modelling of Smart Cellular Materials and Composite Structures

Funded by the EU FP6 (NMP-CT-2005-013641 CHISMACOMB “CHIral SMArt honeyCOMB”) (2007-2008)

Principal Investigator: Dr. F. Scarpa

Investigator: Dr. K. F. Tee

Partners: University of Bolton (UK), University of Exeter (UK), Universitá Ta Maltá (Malta), Italcompany (Italy), Technical University IASI (Romania), QWED (Poland), Technion Institute (Israel), FhG-IPA (Germany), IMMG (Greece) 

15.  Vibroacoustics and Wave Propagation of Novel Chiral Honeycombs (2007-2008)

Principal Investigator: Dr. F. Scarpa

Investigators: Dr. K. F. Tee, Dr. M. Ruzzene (Georgia Tech, USA) 

16.  Mathematical Modelling of Fatigue Crack Closure

Funded by the University of Plymouth, UK (2004-2007)

Principal Investigator: Prof. M. N. James

      Investigators: Dr. K. F. Tee, Dr. C. J. Christopher, Prof. E. A. Patterson (Michigan State, USA)

Partner: Airbus (UK) 


17.  System Identification in Structural Damage Assessment

Funded by the National University of Singapore (2000-2004)

Principal Investigator: Dr. C. G. Koh

Investigators: K. F. Tee, Dr. S. T. Quek, Prof. L. Zhang (NUAA, China)  

18.  Review on Current Research Activities on Precast Concrete Sandwich Panel at University Putra Malaysia

Funded by the Pahang State Foundation (1999-2000)

Supervisor: Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Dato Abdul Samad

      Investigator: K. F. Tee


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